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SreeTel is one of the few international calling websites that are offering very low calling rates to their customers. We provide low calling rates to users in most countries in the world.

Currently offers service to residents, students, employees, companies, travellers and other users in the almost all the countries in the world. Although we have listed some eligible countries to call, you can call from any country in the world. Please compare our prices with others providers and make sure how much you can save with us. Listed countries:

Canada, USA, Australia, Italy, France, UK, Russia, Oman, Lebanon. Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, South Korea. United Arab Emirates.

You can call from any country in the world using the three types of facilities offered through our website.Even if your country is not listed here still you can make calls to all other destinations without any trouble at a very competitive price.


One of the common issues you may have experienced is that you tend to forget the PIN to make calls. To avoid this hassle and to offer its customers a stress free service, SreeTel provides the freedom to make calls without a PIN. Also known as the pin-less dialing feature, this facility omits the need to punch in the PIN. Nowadays, where communication is the backbone of any industry, SreeTel has introduced various calling solutions for its customers at affordable prices and with reliable features, which has made the experience of reaching your loved ones convenient and cheap.



We provide two types of facilities for you to call international or local destinations using your mobile phone. Either you can register your mobile phone number for pin-less calling or you can directly download SreeTel mobile software and making calls directly through our service. If you have registered your cellular phone for pin-less calling, simply call to the unique local telephone number given to you. Then dial your destination number correctly or use the speed dialing feature. You will instantly be connected to your friends and family! SreeTel mobile software facility will be available through our website very soon. Please keep on checking.


CALLING WITH YOUR COMPUTER ( This feature will be available soon )

Whether you are at home, office, or thousand miles away SreeTel allows connecting with your loved ones through the computer even though they do not have a computer and internet facilities. What you need is an internet connection only. Download Sreetel softphone to your computer and install it. You will get a dialling pad on your screen. Enter your login  and password. If you have funds in your account just dial the destination telephone number using the SreeTel dial pad. Remember you do not use 001 or 011 , just dial destination country code + local number. Within seconds you will be connected to your destination for same low cost as in pin-less calling. Once you finish calling remember to click end the call button.